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Chip in Board (COB)


A packaging technology in which bare semiconductor chips are directly mounted and electrically connected to a printed circuit board (PCB) without using a traditional ball grid array (BGA) or leadframe package.


1. Chip Placement: Bare semiconductor chips are precisely placed on the PCB using automated equipment.
2. Underfill: A special adhesive or encapsulant is applied to the gaps between the chips and the PCB to ensure structural stability and prevent vibration-induced failures.
3. Electrical Connection: Conductive traces on the PCB are connected to the contact pads on the chips using solder or conductive adhesives.


* Reduced Size and Weight: Eliminates the need for a package, making COB components more compact.
* Improved Performance: Shorter signal paths and reduced parasitic inductance enhance signal integrity and electrical performance.
* Lower Cost: Simplifies manufacturing by eliminating packaging materials and processes.
* Increased Reliability: COB components are less susceptible to mechanical stress and vibration damage due to the lack of fragile packaging.
* Design Flexibility: Allows for unconventional component placement and complex board layouts.


COB technology is widely used in various electronic applications, including:

* Mobile phones
* Digital cameras
* Automotive systems
* Medical devices
* Industrial automation
* Lighting systems

Types of COB Components:

* Flip Chip COB: Chips are mounted upside down, with their contact pads facing the PCB.
* Wire Bonded COB: Chips are mounted with conductive wires connecting them to the PCB.
* Tape Automated Bonding (TAB) COB: Thin flexible tapes are used to connect the chip contact pads to the PCB.

Considerations for COB Design:

* Careful chip selection and placement
* Proper underfill material selection
* Thermal management to prevent overheating
* Electrical signal integrity analysis
* Manufacturing equipment compatibility

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